ASCC-DOSS Holds Professional Training

By James Kneubuhl, ASCC Press Officer

Published on December 6, 2017

Division of Student Services staff and Student Government Association
ASCC Division of Student Services

The Division of Student Services (DOSS) at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) conducted a professional training workshop in late November for the various campus offices which come under its purview. DOSS encompasses the offices of Admissions, Records, Financial Aid, Counseling, Library Services, and Student Support & Learning Services, all of which serve students’ needs as vital components of college attendance. DOSS also oversees the ASCC Student Government Association (SGA), which, among its many activities, serves as the primary link between the College’s administration and its student body. The two-part training, conducted in the College’s Lecture Hall, focused first on Customer Service and second on bringing the DOSS staff up to date on the services provided by the ASCC Library.

Financial Aid Officer Mr. Peteru Lam Yuen conducted the Customer Service portion of the training, which included personnel from all DOSS subsidiaries as well as members of the SGA. Following an introduction on the basics of quality Customer Service, Lam Yuen divided the participants into groups to facilitate a dialogue between the students from SGA and the regular DOSS employees in order to evaluate DOSS services on a day-to-day basis, but especially during registration. “The DOSS staff heard from SGA members on areas in our DOSS processes that students felt needed more attention,” said Lam Yuen. “All feedback from both students and staff was welcomed, and provided DOSS with valuable insights on how to better serve our students and community in support of the College mission as well as our own division goals and objectives.”

For the next portion of the training, Library staffers Fa’ailoa Afalava, Faye Popoalii, and Pauline Toluao used technology to guide their fellow DOSS employees through a “virtual tour” of the ASCC Library, with time spent to explain each of the main sections within the facility. “We strive for the Library to form an integral part of not only the College’s accreditation standards, but also for ASCC students’ academic success,” said Program Director of Library Services Mr. Elvis Zodiacal. “The Library supports the success of all ASCC academic degree and certificate programs. We offer services that enable everyone at ASCC to complete our respective academic goals and missions. By doing so, the Library provides a valuable and productive customer service.”

Dean of Student Services Dr. Emilia Le’i explained that professional development typically involves employees needing to travel off-island, whereas the multi-faceted DOSS training showed how, by utilizing resources and expertise available here at home, participants can be offered an opportunity to grow as employees. “At any point in one’s career, it never hurts to become familiar, or re-familiarized, with the basics of quality Customer Service,” she said. “The second half of the training illuminated ways in which even DOSS personnel can utilize the Library as a resource to assist in their work. We hope to offer similar professional development activities in the future.”

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