ASCC “Fresh Print” Club Contributes to Campus

By James Kneubuhl, ASCC Press Officer

Published on March 17, 2017

The Fresh Print student organization at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) has made its presence felt this semester through a thoughtful contribution to the campus infrastructure. With funds raised from Walk-A-Thons over the last two semesters, they have purchased bag-hangers to be installed in the men’s and women’s lavatories, giving students somewhere to put their backpacks and bags while using the facilities.

“We have purchased bag hooks to install in restrooms throughout the campus,” said Fresh Print President, Jude Supapo. “A fellow student mentioned not wanting to put their bag on the floor when using the restroom and the idea sprung from there. We figured this was a nice project to help students in this small way. We also bought a few other bathroom items that might help.” Fresh Print has purchased a total of 28 bag hooks, five door locks and five sets of bathroom signs to help improve and update the bathroom facilities for the College’s main bathroom sites in the quad, science building, cafeteria and gymnasium. “When we set our focus on buying the hooks, we did a small survey to see what else we can buy to help ASCC,” added Supapo. “Our purchase may not be a drastic change to the students, but at least we were able to support them in some way.”

ASCC’s Admissions Outreach Counselor and Fresh Print advisor, Katrina Garcia-Helsham, emphasized the importance of fiscal self-reliance. “It’s a tradition with us to do at least two Walk-A-Thons a semester,” said Garcia-Helsham. “This helps fund some of our activities and club needs. For this project, we purchased the donated items with Walk-A-Thon funds and with seed money from ASCC’s Student Government Association. It’s been a long wished-for goal to give back to ASCC in some form. They’ve learned to find what needs improving, and to work together to help fund that improvement. Providing something as simple as bag hooks may not seem like a big deal, but the Fresh Print members know it will be appreciated and they feel good about that. I myself have already received comments from staff and administrators commending this project.”

“It’s always a breath of fresh air to witness students taking an active role in helping the College with their efforts to provide for the needs of our students,” said ASCC Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Lina Galea’i Scanlan. “No gift is ever too small when it comes from the heart. We are blessed to have young leaders with a desire to serve. A high-five to Fresh Print and all student organizations who continue to lead with servant hearts and quality leadership. A big thank you to the VP of Administration and Finance for his assistance and to PFM for their part in making this project a success!”

The mission of Fresh Print is to inform and update students of ASCC events and announcements, using different forms of media to reach as many as possible. Its 17 active members contribute to the bi-monthly ASCC publication, the 411 Newsletter. Garcia-Helsham, who has overseen the 411 since she started at ASCC in 2013, sought to increase student involvement in the publication, which led to the founding of Fresh Print. “Our organization is very different from the rest of the clubs here on campus,” she reflected. “It takes a special kind of student to join and take on the extra work of writing assignments for our newsletter. It can be daunting, so I try to be careful with new members not to say words like ‘assignments’ and ‘deadlines’ on their first day so they won’t be scared away. With that said, I just want to let my members know, even those who have moved on from ASCC, that I really appreciate the work they do for the College and I am very proud and blessed to work with them.”

The public is welcome to read ASCC 411 Newsletters by visiting ASCC’s website at and clicking on the Newsletter link.